About this page...

Each of us have fond memories. We remember them by our stories. We remember them with photos that were taken. Every now and then, I comes across a photo that someone sends me and I can't help but just smile. The memories of silent keys I had the honor to learn from I'll never forget. So this page for is for all of us to share a picture or to tell a story. Keeping the memories alive.

Our First 2 Meter Repeater

Photos by Allen Jones W9DZ. Yes it had tubes. The Duplexors were home made. In the second photo, what is that thing mounted to the wall?

The original MCARC repeater photos are actually from the early 1970's.  The transmitter, receiver and power supply strips were salvaged from commercial Motorola equipment. The duplexers were constructed from an article in a 1972 issue of QST magazine.  They were made from 4 inch copper drain pipe.

   The year 1997.... Hamfest was held at the Michigan City High School



The year 1998 Field Day at Hesston

Field Day 1999 at Hesston

Above photos summitted by Allen Jones W9DZ............ Thanks Allen

The year 2007 - Field Day

Some Misc. Photos of years gone by

A few Photos from K9RQ