Using the W9LY Digital Repeaters

Both repeaters use Yaesu System Fusion systems.

A 131.8 Hz CTCSS tone is required to access.

Use the One Second Rule: When you key your mic, wait one second before speaking. When finished speaking, wait one second before unkeying your mic.

UHF (441.950 MHz)

The UHF repeater is set to AUTO/AUTO, and it is the one to be careful with so not to cause interference to ongoing digital communications. What AUTO/AUTO means is if the repeater hears a digital signal it will repeat it as a digital signal, and analog FM users will not hear these transmissions. If the UHF repeater hears an analog signal, it will repeat it as an analog signal. So analog FM users should check their S-meter or Busy Light before transmitting to determine if the repeater is being used for a digital QSO.

VHF (146.970 MHz)

The VHF repeater is set to AUTO/FIX. This means if it hears a digital signal it will repeat it as an analog signal. Of course, analog in is repeated as analog out also, so everyone hears everyone at all times. Emergency and SKYWARN Weather Nets will use VHF for this full compatibility.

WIRES-X (Room Number 21421)

The UHF repeater is (sometimes) connected to WIRES-X, an Internet-based interconnection system. This allows other Fusion users or other Fusion repeaters to connect to our repeater. Our WIRES-X room number is 21421. From time to time our repeater may be connected to other systems. If you hear someone far away, give them a call and say hi!

EchoLink (Node 193001)

EchoLink is another Internet-based interconnection system that is (sometimes) available on the 146.970 repeater. Our EchoLink node is 193001, and EchoLink can be used to check into the Tuesday night net when it is activated. EchoLink is a free program for Windows, and also iPhone and Android phones. As with the WIRES-X system, if you hear someone far away on Echolink, give them a call and say hi! Click here to visit the EchoLink website.


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