Emergency Communications, KC

Our club is very active in all aspects of Emergency Communications (EmComm).

Skywarn Weather Nets

LaPorte County

Primary 146.970 (131.8 Hz CTCSS)
Secondary 146.610 (131.8 Hz CTCSS)

Skywarn is branch of the National Weather Service. LaPorte County is covered by NWS (IWX) or Northern Indiana office. So what is Skywarn? Skywarn is trained weather spotters, who basicly watch storms, as the roll through. If they see something, they report that observation to the NWS. So  with all the high tech equipment the NWS has, why do they need spotters? As good as their radars are, they still work line of site, just as our radios do. The earth is round and curves, so the farther away you are from the radar, the less it can detect. In other words, if you are 30 miles away, the radar can't see what is happening closer to the ground. Spotters report what the radar may not see. Spotters reports can aid in the issuing of warnings to the public. Did you know, the radar images you see on TV or your phones may be 7 minutes old or more? That is what trained spotters are so important. Anyone can be a trained spotter, having a radio just helps.

When All Else Fails.......

We have all heard about this, but what does it mean for you and me? What does it mean for Amateurs? Let's face it, everyone somehow and someway is tied to the Internet. Even Amateur Radio has ties to the Internet. Why Amateur radio, because it is fun. Now what happens if a contractor cuts a fiber optic cable? Depending on the cable, just a small area could lose cell phone and Internet or half of the country. We would tossed back into the stone age. You could not text, you could not call someone. Even most home phones, now are Internet based, but some still have analog service. If you needed 911, how would call them? Your cell phone doesn't work. Guess what? Amateur Radio will still work. Our repeaters will be on the air. HF radio lets you have communication world wide.  So "When All Else Fails" Amateur Radio will be there. Are you ready?